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There’s never been a better M-Pro.

Powered by the cutting-edge Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) using laye7 traffic shaping, M-Pro all-in-one products and services also integrate multi-link and multiple dial-up, application-driven routing, DPI, AC Control and Portal Authentication. The ikuai devices have been created to fuel the innovation.

M-Pro featured products include ceiling AP, panel AP, routers, gateways for traffic shaping,etc. Whether you are acquiring a new product or upgrading an old one, you can get the right iKuai device for your needs.

M-Pro services have been applied to tens of thousands of cases. You will find the ideal device or customized service for your complex environment.

Bright Future

M-Pro also brings big data, advertising and marketing platform together.

M-Pro delivers high-quality of service through exceptional tech expertise, deep customer experience in WiFi, and real-time support. With 60,000 applications across China, and big data support, you will make ongoing value out of the existing inputs with expanded market.